49er Riding Opportunities 

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Indian Gulch loop

This is a 50 mile loop ride. Leaving from the fairgrounds this route winds its way through the rolling Hills and countryside west of Mariposa. The road conditions vary from nicely paved big sweepers to a patch quilt of repaired potholes but the vistas are beautiful. Plan on a 2-hour ride. Bring everything you need because there are no stores or services on this route.

Ben Hur 60 loop

This is a 60 mile loop ride. Leaving from the fairgrounds this route heads down Ben Hur road, winding through the countryside. At mile 23.5 you’ll encounter the town of Raymond. It’s in the vicinity of Eastman Lake, the site of last year‘s Oktoberfest campout. There is a small tavern in the town where cold beverages can be purchased. Following the route, you’ll pop out on hwy 49 just north of the town of Oakhurst where there are all the major stores and services available. From there you’ll head north, up hwy 49 and back to the fairgrounds. Be prepared for both smooth, twisty roads and patchwork quilt of pothole repaired farm roads. Plan on a 3-hour ride.

Merced falls – Priest Grade loop

This is a 100 mile loop ride which takes you from the fairgrounds heading north west, crossing the Merced river in the Merced Falls area then continuing north to hwy 132 where you’ll pass Don Pedro reservoir and up over Priest Grade. At mile 63 “the top of Priest Grade,” you’ll find the Priest Station CafĂ© which serves an excellent affordable lunch menu. From there you’ll head down, Priest Coulterville road and intersect hwy 49 which will take you back to the fairgrounds. Be prepared for well-maintained, sweeping roads leading you to patchwork quilt, pothole repaired farm roads then back to nicely maintained highways. If you need fuel, you’ll need to head a little further up hwy120 to the town of Big Oak flat then retrace your steps to Priest Coulterville rd. to resume the route. Plan on 4 hours of riding time plus whatever time you take for lunch and rest stops. The views are beautiful.

Yosemite tour

This is a 118 mile Loop ride, leaving from the fairgrounds you head south down hwy 49 to Oakhurst where you’ll intersect Highway 41 that will take you through Fishcamp and into Yosemite proper. You will need a Park Pass or Annual Pass to enter Yosemite. At mile 45 you’ll find the Wawona Hotel that offers lunch in their dining room from 11:30 until 2 PM daily. If you’d prefer to go on the lighter side there are several lunch options to be found in Yosemite Village at mile 72. There you’ll find delis in and cafe’s, serving soups, salads, pizzas, and baked goods. Returning to the route, you’ll proceed down Northside drive which will take you to the intersection of hwy 140 “El portal road.” This will take you along the Merced River, out of the park and back into the town of Mariposa where you can easily return to the fairgrounds. Before leaving for this ride, please make sure and check for the current conditions inside the park as flooding in the valley is possible along the Merced river. Remember that the Big Oak Flat or hwy 120 entrance to the park is closed due to road damage. Given the major holiday, werecommend that you enjoy this route on either Thursday or Friday to avoid the weekend crowds if possible or leave early in the morning.  There are stores and services all along the route but it would be prudent to fuel up in Oakhurst if need be. This would be a 6-hour ride at best. Plan accordingly.

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir ride 

Leaving the fairgrounds, you’ll head north on hwy 49 to hwy 132 where you will climb up over Priest Grade and head east on hwy 120, passing through Big Oak Flat, Harden Flat and Rush Creek. At mile 71 You’ll turn left onto Evergreen road which takes you to Mather. From there you turn right onto Hetch Hetchy road which will take you to the Yosemite park entrance (fee or pass required) and out to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir at mile 87. Take the time to cross the dam and take a tour through the Cave, It’s amazing this year. Heading back, you will retrace your steps and as Cherry Lake road is closed due to a slide, you’ll need to go back out on Evergreen road. On the return at mile 96 you’ll encounter the Evergreen Lodge, which has a general store and a dining room which serves lunch dailfrom 12 till 3 PM. It’s a bit on the pricey side but the food is great and it’s a fabulous place to hang out. From there you’ll backtrack your way down Evergreen road, turning back onto hwy 120. Just passed Buck Meadows You’ll turn left onto Smith Station Road, hwy132 which will take you back to Highway 49 at Coulterville where you will head south and back to the fairgrounds. There are stores, restaurants and services all along the route. This is an all-day ride, so leave early if you plan to get back before dark.


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