2014 G650GS Sertao for sale

  • 15 Jul 2019 5:36 PM
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    Looks like a really well appointed bike Robert! Someone will definitely enjoy this one. 

  • 21 Feb 2019 8:59 PM
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    Asking $5900 - Reply here or text me on my cell 510 610 eight four eight eight with questions etc.

    Spring is around the corner! Interested in Adventure and Dual-sport riding? Here's your turn-key solution. The 650 is a proven, reliable, great performer. The G650GS is BMW's single cylinder (thumper) platform and the 'Sertao' model is the one with the raised suspension and 21" front wheel making it a true off-road super-star. It's the newer version of the 'Dakar' model which in earlier years.

    I purchased this bike new in 2014 and have not only taken great care of it, but have improved it over time. In many ways it's better than the original. See the list of upgrades below. The only wear item that needs replacing is the back tire. I've decided not to be presumptuous of what the next owner would want since tires are such a personal choice; The front tire is a TKC-80 in great shape. I feel I've priced-in the need for a back tire. While it does have 32k miles on the clock, it runs like a top and I just had its 30k service at SJ BMW where it got all the regular TLC along with a valve adjustment, a new air filter, and cleaning of the contacts in the plenum chamber. Great stuff. It has also been to SJ BMW for every 6k service interval. Seat height is about 33" currently. I do have lowering links installed and have the originals if you're looking for a taller ride. Also for reference - I'm 5'8" and am happy with the height. It's tippy-toe at my height or one foot down, but ya need the clearance, right? :)

    I'm super happy to be offering this bike up for sale in the state it's in and hope it finds a true adventurous spirit who will appreciate and use it as intended. The bike has never been wrecked - it's been off road and I've stepped off in the dirt 3 times in its life all with no damage (5 mph get-offs). 

    Coming up with the proper value of a bike with this number of additions is tough. I've seen several similar bikes with no additions but fewer miles at $6,000k-$6,500. I think I've priced this one very well to be quite attractive given its shape and options. I'm happy to talk about the bike if you want. And I'll be including a full running ledger of its maintenance history and additions.

    Don't bother with low-ball offers. Cash/Cashier's check only - local pickup - Must have an M1 and payment in hand to take a ride. I have the pink slip in hand. 

    $300 - Touratech upper and lower crash bars
    $150 - Kubalink lowering links (have originals also)
    $400 - Corbin custom seat (have original also)
    $ 50 - Headlight protection
    $175 - Touratech rally-style windscreen
    $ 50 - Touratech rear brake cylinder protection
    $ 70 - Touratech kickstand-pad large foot/base
    $1,000 - Jessie Luggage & racks
    $1,250 - Touratech Explorer (Tractive) adjustable shock (mid-2018)
    $ 60 - Oil-filled analog temperature gauge on handlebar mount
    $350 - ADVMonster Model 60 LED lights + switched fusebox by Eastern Beaver
    Total Add-ons: $3,855

    ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT - included with the sale
    * Factory seat
    * Original links for a taller ride by an inch

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