• 11 Nov 2020 3:07 PM | Anonymous member

    Hot off the presses is the November edition of the Norcal News! 

    Click here to jump right in or you can always find it in our Newsletter Archive. 


  • 30 Aug 2020 7:56 PM | Anonymous member

    Hey All! 

    Hot off the presses is this month's edition of the NorCal News! Click here to jump right in! And keep in mind to get your own stories to John Ellis, He's always looking for a great moto related content.


  • 04 Aug 2020 9:10 AM | Anonymous member

    Hi All! 

    Hot off the presses and Covid free is this month's NorCal News, the best BMW club newsletter in the country! Click here to jump right in and get your dose of moto adventure. You can also find this edition as well as past newsletters in the Newsletter Archive at bmwnorcal.org. And don't forget to support our advertisers! 

    And if you are doing some fun rides or have some great content to share, please feel free to get it to John Ellis, he's always looking for some great content, especially these days as we are in a holding pattern on group activities and rides. 

    And as always, a huge shout-out to master Editor John Ellis! He does a hell of a job on our newsletter. 

  • 08 Jul 2020 4:47 PM | Anonymous member

    The July edition of the NorCal News is hot off the presses and ready for your socially distant viewing! Click here to jump right in. This month is a special edition to one long trip back up from Argentina, so grab your matte and get settled in and ready for a great read...

    And, if you have been doing some fun stuff this summer, shoot John Ellis an email and submit your adventure for to the newsletter!

  • 05 Jun 2020 10:56 AM | Anonymous member

    The June edition of the NorCal News is hot off the presses and ready for your viewing! This month has some really great content which will be guaranteed to help your shelter in place woes. Click here to jump right in. 

    And as you are enjoying this fine newsletter think of what you might have to send in to John Ellis for a future edition. 

    Thanks and enjoy!

  • 27 Apr 2020 11:14 AM | Anonymous member

    Hi All!

    The BMW NorCal News May edition is hot off the presses and hopefully offer some distraction from the Covid SIP orders. Or make it worse. Either way, enjoy! And how about putting together an article of your own. Now's a great time to get something to crack editor John Ellis!

    Click here to jump in!

  • 30 Mar 2020 2:37 PM | Anonymous member

    HI All,

    Just in time to break up your Stay at Home doldrums, the April edition of the NorCal News has hit your inbox! Read and relive the good old days where we could ride and camp! Click here for a trip back in time! And now that you're stuck at home, why not order parts and farkles from our sponsors and advertisers and work on your bikes??? And now more than ever, Editor John Ellis is looking for some great content - so shoot something over...

    Stay safe and sit tight,


  • 03 Mar 2020 2:45 PM | Anonymous member

    Here again is the eagerly awaited NorCal News, chocked full of the latest and greatest from BMW NorCal! Have something you want to share? Let our crack Editor know, he's always looking for the next big moto related story. 

    And speaking of crack Editor, thanks again to John Ellis for cranking out such an awesome newsletter!

    Click here to jump right in, or go to BMWNorCal.org/newsletters to find our newsletter archive. 

    Thanks and enjoy!

  • 27 Feb 2020 8:29 PM | Anonymous member

    Early Bird registration for the 2020 49er is now open! Click here for information and registration!

  • 30 Jan 2020 7:49 AM | Anonymous member

    It's here! The latest edition of the world's finest BMW club newsletter is hot off the presses and ready for your viewing. Click here to jump right in or as always you can find it in our BMW NorCal website archive (subscribe or click the link on our home page). Like what you see and have something moto related that you'd like to share? Submit your idea to Editor extraordinaire at newseditor@bmwnorcal.org. Want to get your product or business out to 2000+ readers? Contact us about advertising opportunities.



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