• 23 Jan 2017 8:22 PM | Anonymous

    Fantastic attendance and everyone learned a bunch at the Annual Tech Day at Greg Hutchinson's shop Airhead Adventures in Redwood City, January 21, 2017.  Check out this amazing video from our long time club member Richard Klain!

    Tech Day 2017 Video!

  • 16 Jan 2017 11:35 AM | Anonymous

    We made a change to the member meeting and campout schedule for January and February.  In January, we will be headed to Arroyo Seco in Greenfield, California.  In February, we will be in Bothe-Napa, just outside of Calistoga.  Events for these two months are correctly listed in the Events page of the website so register early and often and we hope to see you at both of these events in January and February!

  • 11 Jan 2017 2:36 PM | Anonymous


    You are invited to join The BMW Club of Northern California!


    It's a new year and maybe time to do something new for yourself in 2017, yes?  On behalf of the 200+ members of The BMW Club of Northern California, we invite you to join our club!  There are several good reasons to become a member including the following:

    • Rides.  Once or twice a month one of our club members will lead you on an amazing and fantastic ride through some of the best roads in California.  You don't need to plan anything, just show up, load your GPS or follow the route sheet!
    • Save $.  We all like saving a few bucks.  As a member you'll get a $10 discount on our overnight camping trips so if you attend just a few meetings you are ahead of the game!
    • Members Only.  You'll be entitled to a few "members only" benefits including early event registration, online access to our directory of members and a cache of previous rides including GPS files and route sheets.
    • Learning.  The more you ride the more you learn!  In addition to improving riding skills and techniques, our members learn more about how to ride safely, about their motorcycles and how to camp and ride in groups.
    • Friendships.  Motorcyclists by nature tend to be independent.  Yet when you ride together, camp together and share your personal stories, you get to know each other and friendships form that may just last a lifetime!

    In addition to all these benefits you'll receive a new member packet containing a badge, pin, sticker and member directory, once you attend two monthly member meetings.  Membership is $30 a year (plus a $10 initiation fee.)  So take the plunge, do something for yourself in 2017, click on the link below and become a member of The BMW Club of Northern California!  If you have questions email John Vashon, Vice President, at vicepresident@bmwnorcal.org.  We hope to see you at an upcoming event very soon!

    New Member Registration!


  • 06 Jan 2017 9:45 AM | Anonymous

    The BMW Club of Northern California is holding our Annual Tech Day at Greg Hutchinson's shop Airhead Adventures in Redwood City, January 21, 10:00 AM!

    We will be focusing on the following topics.

    • General Maintenance
    • On Road Diagnostics/Repair
    • Tire Change
    • Emergency Tire Repair and Q and A

    Snacks and beverages will be provided.  If you have any questions or suggestions/requests for this event, please email Chris Dailey at safetytech@bmwnorcal.org. 

    Please register by 1/19/17!

  • 17 Dec 2016 10:32 PM | Anonymous

    MOA International Rally

    July 13 – 15, 2017

    Salt Lake City, UT

    The BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern California has secured forty tent spaces at the MOA Rally in Salt Lake City in the chartered club area. We will have a canopy, display our club logo, and provide refreshments to members.

    There will be no cost to our membership for a tent space.  However, there is a registration fee charged by the MOA each attendee is required to pay upon entry to the event venue.

    We will need a head count in order to assign tent spaces. If there are more members that want to attend we might be able to increase the size of our camping area.  Please register today to secure your space!

    Please contact Fred Montano if you have any questions!


  • 31 Aug 2016 8:47 PM | Anonymous

    If you can make this one, great, if not, no problem, there will be many opportunities to help out. 

    If this is your first time to  volunteer you must view the Caltrans safety DVD for participants, which you can download from adopt-a-highway-dot-ca-gov

    When the page opens there is a section in the lower left column under Safety DVD.  You want the second and last one, “For all Participants.”  It is a 15 minute video and takes a while to download.  So an easy alternative is to view it here by clicking here on YouTube!  Whichever one you view, just make sure it is Part Two.

    We will meet at Scrambl’z Diner, 775 E. Dunn Ave. in Morgan Hill.  I will conduct a quick safety briefing and hand out PPE (personal protective equipment) in the parking lot at 9am.  If you want to eat or drink prior to that, arrive earlier.  You will need to wear long pants and footwear with ankle support as shown in the video.  

    You may wish to bring water.   Those of you coming from a certain area (i.e. East bay) may wish to carpool.  I will be coming from San Jose and can take four people if anyone wants to ride with me.  We will be leaving most of our vehicles in the parking lot of Scramble’s and taking as few vehicle to the highway as needed.  

    Please “register” if you plan to attend.  No need to contact me if you’re not going to make it.  And of course, email me if you have any questions at edwardperryt@yahoo.com 



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