Game of Billiards Anyone?

29 Sep 2015 5:14 PM | Anonymous

On a recent club ride it dawned on me how attacking the “Twisties” was similar to a game of 8 Ball! In a game of pool, it’s necessary to make the shot you’re on, but it’s just as important to leave the cue ball in place to line up your next shot! To do that one must look through the shot and decide what the next shot will be and how to set it up, before taking the shot you’re on.

OK, how is that like our ride? When approaching the first corner of a series, it’s easy to position yourself for it, but you will also need to be in position for the following one! Look through the corner and pick where you need to be to set up the next corner. Now keep your eyes up, looking through the corner and on the spot you want to be at when you get to the exit of this corner. Now you’re in position for the second one, but wait: Now you need to start this process all over again! By always looking and planning one curve ahead of where you currently are, you will be in the proper position to make that next shot, and the next one too, until you win the game!

Usually, that starting positon will be to the outside of the turn. So a right hander, being on the left side of the lane gives you the best view through the turn. Especially blind corners. In fact for these, one should slow down enough to begin the turn, looking as far through it as possible, until able to see the exit, and coincidently then, the entrance to the following corner, then go for it! Here’s a tip for the left handers on the two lane roads we like to ride on. If starting from the left tire track, once leaned over, your shoulder will be directly above the center line, which puts your head over the line and into oncoming traffic! Another reason to start the left turns from the right side of the lane, and not cutting it too close at the apex unless you can see all the way through the turn and know it’s clear! Now let’s put on our game hats and play … ‘er ride!

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