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Upcoming events

    • 06 Jul 2019
    • 02 May 2020
    • 11 sessions
    • MotoGuild SF, 849 13Th St. San Francisco

    Come on down and see your Board in action! 

    This term the Board will continue meeting at 10 AM on the first Saturday of each month at MotoGuild SF. So whether you've got some club business, want to thank the Board for all their hard work for the Club, or just want to spectate; stop on by and join the Board! And maybe after take advantage of the great MotoGuild facility and wrench a little on your bike... 

    NOTE: October's BOD Meeting will be help at Pleasanton Black Bear Diner (5100 Hopyard Rd.), from 9:00AM to 11AM. Afterwards there will be some folks heading to Adventure Designs for their Okctoberfest open house.  

    Moto Guild

    • 01 Feb 2020
    • 4:00 PM
    • Big Basin Redwoods Stape Park - Sequoia Group site 1

    Image result for pictures of big basin redwoods state park campground

    With the January Campout cancelled we are putting on a Bonus Campout in Feburary at Big Basin State Park.  Aside from being an awesome Park to camp in, it's fairly central for most members so you can easily get home early for the Super Bowl. There will be hot coffee starting at 7 am to get you motivated to get up and on the road.   Since the game starts at 3:30, that leaves plenty of time to get home for the big game.

    (Note: this is an informal ride and campout - not a club meeting. So there won't be club business conducted, no Board presenting, and this does not qualify as one of the required meetings required for membership eligibility.)

    Breakfast at Black Bear Diner in Colma (4927 Junipero Serra Blvd) at 8AM.  Arrive gased up ready to roll at 9 AM.

    Feb Bonus Ride.GPX

    Feb Bonus Ride-Track.GPX

    Or scan this QR Code with your phone to load the Rever Route


    • 09 Feb 2020
    • 8:00 AM
    • Denica's Cafe 2723 Castro Valley Blvd., Castro Valley

    This month's Second Sunday Breakfast Ride will start at Denica's Cafe in Castro Valley(2723 Castro Valley Blvd) and head down Palomares Road and Calaveras Road to 130 up and over Mt Hamilton, ending at The Junction.  Breakfast at 8 am and we will leave at 9 am.  The ride should take about 3.5 hours with a rest stop or two. Mark Rodda will be leading.  

    Click Here for a GPX File if you need it but its a pretty simple route or

    scan the QR code with your phone camera  to get a Rever Route

    • 15 Feb 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • MotoGuild SF

    It’s time again for some MotoGuild wrench time to get your bike road ready for this season's NorCal club rides!

    BMW NorCal has reserved a large workspace for bike tune-ups, including a couple bike lifts and tire machine, at MotoGuild on Treasure Island on February 15th.  This is open to BMW NorCal member to wrench on their bikes, with the convenience of all the parts and tools you need available there. The clinic starts at 10am and will run until around 3pm. 

    This will be a fun day where you can do your own minor services to your bike (i.e. change oil/filter, brake fluid, valve check, replace brake pads and tires) alongside other club members. As usual we are looking for our more experienced members to pitch in and help out some of our less experienced riders. If you would like volunteer, please email Jorgen Larsen at Most tools you need will be available for us to use there, but you may want to bring your own special tools and bike manual/ torque specs, just in case. 

    In addition to this clinic, Moto Guild has been extremely generous and supportive of the Club in providing a space in the past for both our past member clinics and our monthly BoD meetings. In return we ask that members reciprocate the generosity by purchasing parts/tires beforehand thru MotoGuild.

    The free Member Only Clinics are one of the many BMW NorCal benefits and is also a great way of meeting new members. Refreshments will be provided. 

    • 22 Feb 2020
    • 4:00 PM
    • Clearlake State Park, Kelseyville, CA

    Lower Bayview Campgrounds

    Happy 2020 folks! (I can say still say this due to the Jan. meeting/campout rainout, this will still be our first campout of the year). So let's try it again, this month we're still heading out to beautiful Clear Lake with some great riding and spectacular views! The breakfast start is Black Bear Diner in Napa with breakfast at 8 and the ride departure at 9. Be gassed up and ready to ride. 

    Please note that at this meeting we are holding the second vote to ratify By-Law changes we reviewed back in September, mainly regarding a "Rally" membership pertaining to BMW owners at the 49er and ROL rallies. The meeting starts at 4 PM if you want to forego the ride and head straight there. 

    Rever link  click this link from your phone to launch route in Rever

    .gpx for garmin

    .gpx for tom tom

    • 17 Mar 2020
    • Portero Campground, Portero CA

    Thinking about Baja again, this time keeping to more of the original format, shorter and sweet. This is my first take on the route, this time meeting up just this side of Tecate at Portero Campground. 

    As proposed, we would cross at Tecate, head down MH3 towards ensenada but stay on 3 and head west towards San Felipe. GS bikes can hit Mike's sky Ranch while street bikes continue to San Felipe. From there we make our way down MH5, with stops in Gonzago Bay area, San Ignacio, then Mulege for 2 nights. Starting back we could stop in Catavina, Rancho Meling, then Valle de Guadalupe for the last night in Baja. Then Joshua Tree and onto Death Valley for the annual BMW NorCal campout. 

    There will be a registration charge at some point, but riders can sign up now to show interest and get on a mailing list. 

    Contact Nick with any questions.

    About the ride - we are a group of club and non club folks doing this ride on our own. No support, no guides. Everyone handles their own documentation and their own insurance, and brings their own gear and money to cover expenses. We will break up into different riding groups at meet up at the end of the day destination. We will sometimes ride strenuous, longer days of riding which require leaving early.There is a chance riders will become separated so everyone needs to handle their own navigation and know where we are going. This is not a "tag along" ride. And while Baja is awesome and friendly, riders need to know how to handle themselves in another country. 

    Below is the proposed route. 

    • 26 Mar 2020
    • 4:00 PM
    • 30 Mar 2020
    • Death Valley NP

    Image result for pictures of death valley

    It's time again for the Club's annual Death Valley Campout/Member Meeting! This year we are in Furnace Creek Group Sites 1 and 2, with Site 2 reserved for "Early Bird" campers starting on Thursday March 26th. And as usual getting there is up to you. The Club doesn't put together an organized ride for this event so fly solo or join up with other members for the ride down. Or, get there via Baja by joining the group of riders heading down into Baja immediately before this event. And remember to be ready for any weather - we experience everything from snow to high temps. 

    • 25 Apr 2020
    • 4:00 PM
    • Las Cruces Rd., La Grange CA

    Image result for pictures of la grange ca

    This month we return to La Grange and the great hospitality of Russ Drake's Daughter. You can expect a fun campout and an awesome catered BBQ dinner! As usual camping is free and  $10 for non-members. Dinner is $20. BYOB or chip in on a keg.

    Route TBD.

    • 25 Jul 2020
    • 5:00 PM

    Image result for gurnsey creek group site pics

    So last year our reservation for this site was cancelled due to hazardous tree conditions, let's hope that's not an issue again this year! This month we are trying again for Gurnsey Creek Group Site along amazing Hwy 89 (and/or 36 depending which map you're reading). This will be an awesome campout with some really good riding. We may even wrap in a stop at Ozzies BMW for this one! The breakfast and route info will be released soon. 

    • 29 Aug 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Mosquito Ridge Rd., Foresthill


    This month we are heading out past French Meadows Lake, East of Foresthill. This will be a great day of riding with some great camping as well! The breakfast and route info will be available soon.

    • 26 Sep 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546


    This is our last High Sierra hurrah for the season and we're heading over the crest to Mammoth for the Pine Glen Group site. The Sierra pass riding is always awesome and it's fun to get over to beautiful East Side of the Sierra. We'll see how the weather holds - 2 of the 3 previous years that I've planned September higher Sierra trips have been awesome and we stayed lucky with the weather. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Breakfast and route info to follow soon.

Past events

18 Jan 2020 Cal Moto Open House!
12 Jan 2020 Jan SSBR- Half Moon Bay
28 Dec 2019 December Club Campout!
14 Dec 2019 BMW NorCal Holiday Party - Sam's Anchor Cafe, Tiburon
07 Dec 2019 CANCELED - November Member Meeting / Campout - Big Basin SP SQGroup site1
26 Oct 2019 October Member Meeting / OkTOBERFEST Cancelled
28 Sep 2019 September Member Meeting / Vice President election / Campout - Hornswaggle Group Site #3 (Manzanita)
20 Sep 2019 BMW NorCal does Bikerdahan!
15 Sep 2019 September SSBR! South Bay Hills Tour
24 Aug 2019 August Member Meeting / Campout -Recreation Point / Acorn Loop
19 Aug 2019 2019 Range of Light Gypsy Tour Donation
03 Aug 2019 Pre-ROL tune-up clinic at MotoGuild SF!
27 Jul 2019 July Member Meeting / Camput - Stoney Group Site Shasta/Trinity
14 Jul 2019 July SSBR - Pounding the Penninsula!
29 Jun 2019 June Member Meeting (BOD Election) and Campout - Finnon Lake!
16 Jun 2019 June SSBR - East Bay Extravaganza!
13 Jun 2019 2019 BMW MOA National Rally - Lebanon Tennessee!
26 May 2019 49er Rally Ladies GS Clinic with Pat Jacques - Sunday (day 2)
25 May 2019 Lance Thomas HIGH SKILLS GS Clinic, 49er Rally Saturday (PM) May 25th
25 May 2019 49er Rally Ladies GS Clinic with Pat Jacques - Saturday (day 1 of 2)
25 May 2019 Lance Thomas GS Clinic, 49er Rally Saturday (AM) May 25th
24 May 2019 Lance Thomas GS Clinic, 49er Rally Friday (PM), May 24th
24 May 2019 Lance Thomas GS Clinic, 49er Rally Friday (AM), May 24th
23 May 2019 The BMW NorCal 49er Rally!
11 May 2019 BMW NorCal Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up day!
27 Apr 2019 Eurocycle Sonoma / Santa Rosa BMW Spring Into Spring Season Opening Event!
13 Apr 2019 April Member Meeting and Campout - La Grange - PLUS A&S open house!
07 Apr 2019 Advanced Rider Class with Superbike Coach Can Akkaya - Registration is now open to all!
28 Mar 2019 March Member Meeting and Campout - Death Valley!
09 Mar 2019 Saturday ride with Mike Huntzinger
02 Mar 2019 BMW NorCal Member Only Clinic - The Spring Tune-up at MotoGuild SF
24 Feb 2019 CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW! See Alternate EVENT: February Member Meeting / Campout - Holiday Group site Maricopa Highway
23 Feb 2019 February Member Meeting / Campout (NEW and IMPROVED LOCATION) - Indian Rock Group Site at Mt Madonna Park
26 Jan 2019 January Member meeting and Campout - Sugarloaf Ridge State Park group site 2
08 Dec 2018 BMW NorCal Member Holiday Party!
01 Dec 2018 November Member Meeting and Campout - Fremont Peak (Doe Flat Group Site) Plus San Jose BMW Open House!
11 Nov 2018 Nov SSBR- Petaluma to Nicasio
27 Oct 2018 Oktoberfest Member Meeting and Campout - Liberty Glen Campground - Lake Sonoma - GROUP SITE D
20 Oct 2018 Cal Moto Open House!
20 Oct 2018 ADV Design Oktoberfest Open House!
13 Oct 2018 Member Only Clinic - Advanced Riders Class (TC ARC)!
29 Sep 2018 September Member Meeting and Campout - Saddlebag Lake "Trailhead Group Site"!
25 Aug 2018 August Member Meeting and Campout - Lake Alpine!
12 Aug 2018 SSBR with Fred Montano
04 Aug 2018 Monthly Board of Director Meetings (Click for Dates)
28 Jul 2018 July Member Meeting and Campout - Nordheimer CG
08 Jul 2018 July SSBR-San Mateo Coast ride
07 Jul 2018 Board of Director Meeting
23 Jun 2018 June Member BoD Election Meeting and Campout - Chanslor Ranch
16 Jun 2018 Adventure Bike Challenge
10 Jun 2018 June SSBR - North Bay Baby!
26 May 2018 Lance Thomas GS Clinic, 49er Rally Saturday May 26th
25 May 2018 Lance Thomas GS Clinic, 49er Rally Friday May 25th
24 May 2018 2018 49er Rally!
12 May 2018 May SSBR - Second SATURDAY Breakfast Ride to Cal Moto Open House
28 Apr 2018 April Member Meeting - Songdog Ranch!
08 Apr 2018 April SSBR - East Bay
16 Mar 2018 March Member Meeting / Annual Death Valley Campout!
15 Mar 2018 The Ride from Long Beach BMW to Death Valley
14 Mar 2018 BMW Cross-Border Rally at Long Beach BMW!
03 Mar 2018 1st annual BMW Cross Border Rally - Loreto to Long Beach!
24 Feb 2018 February Member Meeting - Hidden View Campground!
17 Feb 2018 Member Only Clinic - CPR and First Aid Training at Moto Guild SF!
11 Feb 2018 February SSBR - East Bay Extravaganza!
27 Jan 2018 January Member Meeting - Salt Point SP Plus BMW Santa Rosa open house
14 Jan 2018 January SSBR - West Marin Tour
13 Jan 2018 Airheads BMW Club - norcal tech day!
16 Dec 2017 BMWNorcal's End of Year Member Party 2017
10 Dec 2017 Board of Directors Meeting
10 Dec 2017 December SSBR, Party on the Peninsula!
02 Dec 2017 November Meeting and Campout - Plaskett Creek, PLUS Wunderlich America open house!
18 Nov 2017 BMW NorCal Member Only Clinic
12 Nov 2017 November SSBR - Tri Valley Ramble
28 Oct 2017 Oktoberfest General Meeting and Campout - Back at Liberty Glen Campground
15 Oct 2017 SSBR North Bay - SoCo Adventure
23 Sep 2017 September Meeting, Hat Creek Campground
15 Sep 2017 2017 Autumn Beemer Bash
01 Sep 2017 Range of Light Gypsy Tour 2017!
26 Aug 2017 Mammoth Lakes member meeting and campout
29 Jul 2017 Grover Hot Springs
13 Jul 2017 MOA International Rally 2017!
09 Jul 2017 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Pinnacles National Park!
24 Jun 2017 Annual Election Meeting, Brannan Island State Recreation Area, Rio Vista, California!
11 Jun 2017 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Lake Berryessa/Napa Loop!
10 Jun 2017 Big Bike Adventure Challenge!
06 Jun 2017 Board Of Directors Meeting
27 May 2017 49'er Rally 2017, GS Clinic, Saturday, May 27th!
26 May 2017 49'er Rally 2017, GS Clinic, Friday, May 26th!
25 May 2017 49’er Rally 2017, Call for Volunteers!
13 May 2017 Second SATURDAY Breakfast Ride (Moved to Saturday for Mom!)
03 May 2017 Board Of Directors Meeting
29 Apr 2017 San Luis Reservoir State Recreational Area!
20 Apr 2017 Adopt-A-Highway Clean Up Day!
09 Apr 2017 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Petaluma to Santa Rosa Loop via Calistoga!
05 Apr 2017 Board Of Directors Meeting
24 Mar 2017 March Member Meeting & Campout, Furnace Creek, Death Valley!
12 Mar 2017 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Half Moon Bay to Portola Valley via Santa Cruz!
01 Mar 2017 Board Of Directors Meeting
25 Feb 2017 Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, Calistoga, California
12 Feb 2017 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Vallejo, Delta, Diablo!
01 Feb 2017 Board Of Directors Meeting
28 Jan 2017 Arroyo Seco Campground, Greenfield, California!
21 Jan 2017 Tech Day 2017 !!!!
08 Jan 2017 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, South Bay
04 Jan 2017 Board Of Directors Meeting
17 Dec 2016 Holiday Party 2016
11 Dec 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Pinole!
07 Dec 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
03 Dec 2016 Pianetta Winery Vineyard, Meeting & Campout, Paso Robles!
13 Nov 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Lead by Fred Montano!
02 Nov 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
22 Oct 2016 Oktoberfest Meeting & Campout, Rancho Seco, California!
12 Oct 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
09 Oct 2016 Sorry, Event Cancelled (Second Sunday Breakfast Ride (Let's Do Your Local Ride!))
24 Sep 2016 September Member Meeting & Campout, Hat Creek, Old Satation, CA, Lassen National Forest!
17 Sep 2016 Adopt-A-Highway Clean Up Day!
16 Sep 2016 Autumn Beemer BASH, September 16 - 18, Quincy, California!
11 Sep 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride (Let's Do Your Local Ride!)
07 Sep 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
02 Sep 2016 Range of Light Gypsy Tour 2016 (Pre-Registration Closed, Gate Opens at 3:00 PM on 9/2/16!)
27 Aug 2016 August Member Meeting & Campout
18 Aug 2016 Nakusp Hotsprings Rally, August 18 - 21, Nakusp, BC, Canada!
14 Aug 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride, Scotts Valley!
03 Aug 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
30 Jul 2016 July Member Meeting & Campout, Gray Pine Campground, Stonyford, CA!
21 Jul 2016 Cascade County Rendezvous, July 21 - 24, Republic, Washington
13 Jul 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
10 Jul 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride (Pacifica)
25 Jun 2016 Calaveras Big Trees, Election Meeting & Campout
18 Jun 2016 Adopt A Highway Clean Up Day!
17 Jun 2016 Chief Joseph Rally, June 17 - 19, 2016, John Day, Oregon
16 Jun 2016 Beehive Beemers Red Rock Rendezvous Rally, June 16 - 19, Panguitch, Utah!
12 Jun 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
08 Jun 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
28 May 2016 49'er Rally 2016, Off Road Skills Clinic, Saturday, May 28th!
27 May 2016 49'er Rally 2016, Off Road Skills Clinic, Friday, May 27th!
26 May 2016 49'er Rally 2016, Volunteer Signups!
26 May 2016 49'er Rally 2016, Mariposa, California!
08 May 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
04 May 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
23 Apr 2016 Black Butte Lake, Member Meeting, and Campout
21 Apr 2016 Adopt A Highway Clean Up Day!
10 Apr 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
06 Apr 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
02 Apr 2016 49er Rally Poster Distribution
25 Mar 2016 Death Valley, Member Meeting, and Campout
13 Mar 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
02 Mar 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
27 Feb 2016 Fremont Peak Member Meeting and Campout
20 Feb 2016 NEW DATE, Tech Session, Wheels, Tires & Brakes!
14 Feb 2016 At the request of Sweethearts, the Second Sunday Breakfast Ride has been cancelled for Valentine's Day 2016!
10 Feb 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
30 Jan 2016 Cancelled Due to Weather - January Meeting and Campout, Arroyo Seco Campground
13 Jan 2016 Board Of Directors Meeting
10 Jan 2016 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
19 Dec 2015 Holiday Party 2015
13 Dec 2015 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
09 Dec 2015 Board Of Directors Meeting
05 Dec 2015 Plasket Creek Ride, Member Meeting & Campout!
08 Nov 2015 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
07 Nov 2015 Airhead Adventures Tech Day
28 Oct 2015 Board Of Directors Meeting
11 Oct 2015 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
10 Oct 2015 Adventure Designs Open House
30 Sep 2015 Board Of Directors Meeting
26 Sep 2015 Hornswoggle Group Camp, September Membership Meeting and Campout
24 Sep 2015 Horizons Unlimited Mariposa Meeting, Mariposa CA
18 Sep 2015 Quincy Beemer Bash, Plumas County Fairgrounds, Quincy CA
13 Sep 2015 Second Sunday Breakfast Ride
04 Sep 2015 BMW NorCal Range of Light Gypsy Tour
29 Aug 2015 Stampede Reserviour, August Membership Meeting and Campout
23 Jul 2015 BMW MOA International Rally - Billings MT
27 Jun 2015 June Ride, Membership Meeting/Election and Campout Finnon Lake


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