Members Tech Clinic -Motoguild SF

  • 05 Jun 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Motoguild San Francisco-849 13th Street San Francisco


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It is time to get ready for your upcoming rides. The June election campout, BMWMOA Rally in Great Falls Montana, Superbike Coach Advanced Riders Class in July, and hopefully many more!

But first, on June 5th, from 10:00pm to 2:00pm,  The BMW Club of Northern California is hosting another members tech session at Motoguild San Francisco. We have arranged with MotoGuild to have three reserved stations with lifts and plenty of work space at their location on Treasure Island, 849 13th Street San Francisco, ph 415 625 3795.

Consider this to be a “Do it yourself day”, where you can complete minor services to your bike (I.e. change oil/filter, brake fluid, brake pads, tires). Tools are part of the donated workstation space but you may want to bring any special tops and bike manuals/specs. If you are a club member and handy with maintenance come and help fellow members.

We are really greatly for Motoguild sponsoring this event by donating the three workstations for the Club.  Please review the following important guidelines.

  • Be Appreciative!  Motoguild is donating time and space for this event and would normally be charging customers for the space dedicated to the club.  Use only the spaces provided to the club. 
  • Everyone MUST complete/sign Motoguild's liability waiver BEFORE using the facility.
  • Social distancing must be maintained and masks must be worn in accordance with San Francisco County health requirements
  • Please purchase your supplies and parts from MotoGuild for this event.  MG stocks oil, filters, brake fluid and coolant for your bike and can order tires, brake pads and other parts very competitive parts.  It's very easy to order the parts and tires and they will be waiting for you at MG. 
  • Please be sure to clean up your workstation and pay for any purchased items before you leave. 
  • Be sure to pay for the state mandated recycling and disposal fees for tires and fluids. Tire disposals are $10 each or just $6 if you purchase the tires from MG.  Oil, brake and coolant disposals are free of you purchase the fluids from MG or $5 if purchased elsewhere for up to 4 quarts.
  • Consider tipping any of the employees for technical help and assistance with your bike. They would greatly appreciate it. 

Also, our club Board will hold its June Board meeting at Motoguild so come by and catch up with the Board, provide your input and consider talking to one of the Board members about the upcoming election.  There are lots of open positions to consider. 


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