Rawhyde Intermediate ADV Course-Saturday

  • 27 May 2023
  • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Mariposa County Fairgrounds
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The Intermediate/Advanced Course is a scaled-down version of the Next Step curriculum and is best for those that have some comfort riding off-road and understand the basics of counterbalancing, throttle, brake, and clutch control controls training program but what to refresh and hone those skills as well as develop them to the next level. This is a great class for riders who have already taken a beginner course and want to reinforce the learnings, eliminate bad habits and gain greater confidence riding off-road.

The course will include a refresher of important skills such as body position, counterbalancing, controlling front and rear wheel skids, and throttle brake and clutch control.

After the refresher, we will cover:

  • Narrow line riding. One of the most important skills on a motorcycle is “putting the bike where you want it”.  This skill will be developed or enhanced with drills and exercises that focus on “holding the line” from actual trail riding scenarios to riding between parallel logs and other similar exercises. 
  • High-speed braking and the basics of skid turning – many people are fearful of “locking up the brakes”, but if you know what to do skidding is a great way to either initiate or finish a turn. 

Other areas we may cover either in the training or on the guided ride include:

  • Hard acceleration technique on dirt and gravel. 
  • Hill climbing & traction control. 
  • Descending steep hills in a controlled manner. 
  • How to recover from a stall on a steep hill. 
  • How to turn around, fully loaded on a steep hill.

The cost of the program is $295 and includes 4 hours of instruction in the morning followed by a guided off-road ride that enables you to put your skills to use.  At the end of the day, celebrate your accomplishments with a refreshment in the Beer Garden. 


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