President's Report

29 Sep 2015 5:17 PM | Anonymous

No matter how many times I encounter good will and the instant sense of community that motorcycling creates, I’m amazed.  My experience on the 2015 Range of Light (RoL) has so far been the highlight of this year. 

It generally doesn’t matter what you ride, motorcyclists respond to each other.  We wave to one another and exchange friendly nods.  Our club goes further.  I’ve come to know and enjoy riding with many of our members.  It feels great to know that I can share my passion of riding with other people.  The community we have is physical and extends beyond the keyboards many of us sit behind for much of the day.  I like that and I’m always excited about seeing my fellow club members.  I met many new people on this year’s RoL, and each were instantly part of our community.  It’s a great feeling to belong and share something in common with others.

Our turn out this year was great.  I’ll leave it to Joyce or JV to elaborate on the final numbers once the expenses are fully tallied.  Profit, loss, and participation counts are important. To me,  our success is measured by the number of volunteers engaged and the sense of community the RoL created among the participants.  Each evening was paired with grassy camping, good food, and great company.   Everyone I talked to enjoyed the routes and felt spoiled by the grassy fairgrounds.

I’ve gained much from being in NorCal.  Friendships have been made with people in the club that I might not have ever met.  Seeing the number of volunteers contributing to the massive effort that was the 2015 RoL makes me proud to be a part of this club.  A enormous Thank You goes out to all of those that made the event possible and the participants.

Dan Rowe



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