What's He Trying To Tell Me?, By Steve Kessinger

30 Oct 2015 6:59 PM | Anonymous

Most of us at one time or another join in on the club’s group rides, whether it’s to a campout destination or the tour after our second Sunday breakfast. There are also shop rides sponsored by one of our local dealers, or just going somewhere with a friend. In each of these cases, unless equipped with wireless intercoms, there is very limited communication between rides while under way.

To that end, our friends at MSF has put together some hand (and foot!) signals to help keep the group informed as to what the leader is saying to the rest and why. Print or tear out this handy chart for your tank bag or where ever it’s convenient. Add to this the basic hand signals you learned in Driver’s Ed. Years ago; remember? Left, right, and slow/caution? So the next ride you’re on, if the rider in front of you starts waving his arm you’ll know what he’s saying! Now let’s ride!

Steve Kesinger; Your Safety Guy


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