How Cold Are You, by Steve Kesinger

16 Nov 2015 11:12 AM | Anonymous
It’s fall now and temperatures are dropping with the days getting shorter so I think a review of Hypothermia is in order, as here in the Golden State we ride all year around. As you may know, this is the loss of body heat to the environment and lowering our core temperature. Mother Nature has equipped us well to deal with cold climates, but could never anticipate the wind blast form a moving motorcycle! That’s why our fingers and maybe feet too will get cold first.

Here’s what has to say about it: Initial symptoms include intense shivering and teeth chattering. As body temperature falls further, shivering stops and movements become slow and clumsy, reaction time is longer, thinking is blurred, and judgment is impaired. Not good! Here’s a handy “Chill Chart” just for us riders. Note that even at 45* and 60 MPH it will feel 32* to exposed dry skin. Being wet will make it even worse!

Layering garments under our riding suits works well to insulate us and electric heated clothing is available too. So dress appropriately and keep warm. Ride Safe!


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