Q: When is the start location announced? 

A: The starting point is first announced at the closing ceremony at the BMW NorCal 49er Rally. 

Q: Do I need a GS or is the ROL Gypsy Tour suitable for all bikes?

A: The main focus of the ROL Gypsy Tour is excellent riding over really great paved roads that riders of all bikes will enjoy. There are, however, optional GS routes that are intended for those on adventure bikes. 

Q: What if I can't make the Friday check-in? 

A: Riders not able to make the Friday check-in can meet early Saturday to check-in, get Saturday's route and destination, and drop off your gear with the Sag Wagon. 

Q: This is a 3 night, 2 day Rally. Do we stay at the same place each night?

A: Being a Gypsy Tour we typically ride to a new destination each day and set up a new camp. We provide a Sag Wagon to haul your gear so you can ride light! However, if the area supports enough spectacular riding, we may just stay two nights... 

Q: What if the intended route is too long of a ride for me?

A: The route may seem daunting but once you are on it you'll probably eat it up and ask for more. That said, if you are feeling overwhelmed there are usually shortcuts to shorten the distance. Once you get the daily destination you can make that call. 


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