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49er GS Training Courses

One of the top goals of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern California is safety through rider education, and as a Club we regularly offer road and track training opportunities to our membership.

Recognizing that the GS is a big part of the BMW brand and the ride of choice of a lot of our Club members, we use the backdrop of the 49er to focus on the off-road side of the spectrum. Plus the Mariposa Fairgrounds is really well suited for off-road training.

This year we are proud to partner with Black Swan Moto to bring truly outstanding training opportunities to GS riders. These classes have well developed curriculum designed for riders of all skill levels, and riders will see improvements to their off-road riding and boost their confidence.  Also Pat Jaques from ADVWoman is coming back!  Pat held a well regarded Women's specific training program at our 2019 49er Rally and will repeat her courses this year as well.  And after these courses maybe consider entering in the 49er English Trials competition or even the GS Giants challenge course! 

If you are a BMW MOA member part of your cost may be covered through a Paul B Scholarship.  Check out this link for an application. 

Be sure and attend our hosted reception for all participants after the training in the Bier Garden from 5 to 6 PM .

New this year we are working with Black Swan Moto to bring their award winning off-road training curriculum to the 49er.  This training is appropriate for all riders and will be scaled according to each individual skill-set.  

Black Swan Moto Master Instructors are professionals. Expert technicians in the craft of off-road riding whose enthusiasm combined with experience equals an intense, rider-focused program.  Del, Kurt, Deanna and Michael together represent over fifty years of riding and instructing, both on street and off-road, training, traveling, and touring.

They have combined their decades of personal knowledge into a well-developed and proven instructional method that will Transform Your Ride.  The result?  Each training class is designed to deliver clear-cut information and well-guided instruction sure to get you off the street, on the dirt and headed to your next adventure. We are offering two levels of courses as follows 

Adventure rider BASICS-Beginner/Intermediate

Instructors guide you through our time-tested Methodology: the essential set of off-road riding skills. Training begins with proper clutch, brake, and throttle control, followed by body positioning, starting, stopping, and skid management. Students learn, then practice, momentum and slow speed control, turns and directional changes, before moving onto applied exercises like trail riding, navigating terrain, and recovery techniques. You’ll achieve the confidence to ride effectively in the dirt and onto your next adventure.

49er GS Clinic - with Blackswan Moto! (Friday "early" Clinic, Beginner to Intermediate)

49er GS Clinic - with Blackswan Moto! (Saturday "early" Clinic, Beginner to Intermediate)

Adventure Rider Advanced Rider Skills and Techniques-Intermediate/Advanced

Instructors tackle nuanced riding techniques and technical know-how rarely offered in training.  Skills like skidding into and powering out of turns, lofting over obstacles, ascending/descending steps, etc., are steadily developed through demonstration and repetition.  Instructors deliver an intensive and comprehensive breakdown of body position, controls, and how to get power to the ground. Students advance their learning through speed and challenging environments, pushing the limits of possibility on adventure motorcycles. 

We are offering two classes a day as follows

49er GS clinic - with Black Swan Moto! (Friday "late" Clinic, Intermediate to Advanced)

49er GS clinic - with Black Swan Moto! (Saturday "late" Clinic, Intermediate to Advanced)

Afternoon Trail Ride

Research shows that the putting skills to practice is important to truly developing new skills.  So each course includes a guided trail ride  with the instructors that will further hone your skillset. The trails and scenery will be spectactular as well!

Plus you get a cool Blackswan Moto T-shirt and a $100 gift certificate for any of their regular training classes

Women are very different from men. We learn differently, we are physically different, we communicate differently, and we ride differently from men. ADVWomans training creates an optimal learning experience for women. We teach fundamental essential riding skills required to be safe, build skill and confidence, and have fun! By Women For Women means all our coaches are women. Class sizes are always small with multiple instructors to guarantee riders receive personal attention.

ADVWoman CBA (Chief BadAss) Pat Jacques is your lead instructor with ADVWoman Trainer and Colorado Enduro race champion Mandy Oldham assisting.

During our Essential skills course  we teach: How to handle the weight and height of big ADV bikes, how to leverage the strength in our hips and legs, mastering the clutch for finesse and control, proper body position to be safe and strong on long day rides, the easy ADVWoman way for tight turns, braking and speed control, how to ride obstacles like ruts, rocks, logs and more. We will spend most of the day doing skills and drills and end up with an easy fun local ride.

Riders must have the basic skills to ride a motorcycle and shift gears. Full face helmets, gloves, and heavy boots required. Body armor: shoulder, back, elbows, knee protection recommended. Skill levels will range from beginner to intermediate. We modify the intensity of drills to suit individual riders skill set. New riders looking for a solid foundation and experienced riders wanting to freshen up and brush up skills for the season are welcome.

We are offering classes on Saturday May 29th and Sunday May 30th from 9 AM to 3 PM.  To register for the course please see the links below

Saturday Adventure Essentials

Sunday Adventure Essentials


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