Europe, Anyone?

  • 07 Aug 2023 3:24 PM
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    I am reaching out to see if anybody is planning on riding Europe in the 2024 or 2025 season, and would like to team up for any parts of the adventure. My RT is currently on the east coast, and I am shipping it to Germany in March via Knopf Tours. 

    My plan is to do this in segments. A few tours that I know I will do are the Alps/Dolomites and England/Scotland/Ireland, both of which I have riden before, as well as Spain/Portugal, and Croatia. I would love to add Scandinavia (probable?), and am looking at Morocco but am still studying whether or not that would be good riding territory. 

    I will ride most of these legs “unlead” without a tour guide, but might sign up for a guided tour (ie, Eidelweiss, IMT, Adriatic, etc) for the regions that will be new to me. 

    In addition to visiting the typical European tour spots, I will be scheduling these trips to be able to attend a few sporting events (Wimbledon, Isle of Mann, Nuremberg, MotoGP, etc). 

    If anybody is interested, please contact Roger Gage Also feel free to shout out any expertise you have on any of these rides…….greatly appreciated

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