Hi-Viz Aerostich Darien Jacket (MY 2012) FOR SALE

  • 28 Apr 2019 7:45 PM
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    After losing 75lbs this jacket no longer fits and has pretty much been hanging in the closet for several years.  It's a 44, but according to the Aerostich website this corresponds to a 46 in fitment.

    It's the standard jacket with shoulder and elbow armor.

    It has the normal Hi-Viz patina, but is otherwise in great shape.  What appears to be discoloration in pictures 2 and 3 is actually shadowing caused by the ambient light.

    There are four small wear areas visible on the inside of the jacket: 2 near the top velcro strip where my back protector rubbed a bit and 2 in the waist belt line where the material gathers.  In picture 1 the top wear marks are hard to see, but the ones along the beltline are readily apparent.

    New these things are going for around $600.  I'm asking $200 for mine.  I'm working on 20yrs with my Roadcrafter one piece.  I'm sure this Darien will last at least that long.

    I'm in North Monterey County (Prunedale).  If interested, you can call me at 831-75(zero)-(oh)1(oh)1

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