• 15 Sep 2015 4:25 PM | Anonymous member

    Wow, what a great 25th Anniversary Range of Light!  Based on the actual revenues and projected expenses, we should be just about breakeven on the ROL.  The final numbers will be reviewed at the October BOD meeting and reported to the members at the Oktoberfest in Rancho Seco.  Work continues to build new capabilities into our website to make it easier to do business with the club including sign up and pay for events, check to see if you’ve paid dues, update your contact information and securely access our member directory.  Shoot me an email if you have questions about the club finances.  I’ll miss the September campout but hope to see you at the Oktoberfest.  Wherever you ride, think safe!

  • 15 Sep 2015 4:20 PM | Anonymous member

    Because I thought that some of our riders might be tired of paying top dollar for good food and service (but mostly for variety and easy access to Vasco road) we started the August meeting ride at the IHOP in Livermore. Despite my phone calls, they had no idea we were coming…  Fourteen of us met for the ride across the Valley and up Hwy 88 (bypassing Jackson on Ridge road) and over Carson Pass, with John Ellis again riding sweep.

    We were a little early for fall color, but I’m afraid we didn’t miss much, most of the drought-stressed aspen had gone sickly gray. The weather was perfect once we got some altitude, which we never lost until the ride home. The lunch stop in Meyers was crackerjack when I previewed the route, but weekend traffic broke the weak link, the single plater in the staff of four, and it took an hour to get fed.

    Around Tahoe to Truckee was a parking circus of tourists, but there was no weekend road construction. In Truckee we bought food for dinner and easy-traveling 12-packs of Sierra Nevada cans, two of which I strapped on top of the bag of charcoal I was already carrying. On to the Emigrant group camp at Stampede reservoir by the only route passable on road bikes: Up Hirschdale/Stampede Dam, past the power plant, and left on Dog Valley 1.6mi to the campground. Some solo riders got bad advice and wandered a while. We added 4 riders at the camp; Walt came in from Reno and Meetup followers, Michael Laviano and John Margozzi, made their Norcal debuts.

    The site was beautiful, with a lake view, paved parking and public areas, and lots of level camping; a big fire pit, three grills and six tables on the pad. Yelp has made camp hosting competitive, and ours had game - his price for wood dropped from 3 bundles for $10 to 4 bundles for free, delivered. This was a cook-out, and Michael showed real Norcal form by cooking patties and gourmet sausage on the grill, then running two stoves at breakfast. Only Safety and Historian missed the meeting.

    The Sept 26 meeting will be at Hornswoggle group camp at Bullards Bar reservoir, with the ride being led by Russ Drake and starting early (8:30 stands-up) from the Black Bear in Tracy. Cliff will help carry some food to the site, check Meetup and the web site for latest details. The catered Oktoberfest will be on 10/24 at Rancho Seco near Sacramento, and on Dec 5 Joyce Sampson will lead us to Plaskett Creek, south of Big Sur.

    Congratulations and thanks to Joyce, Bob Empasis and the volunteers for creating a great Range of Light despite the disruption of several wildfires. We all had a great time!

    Enjoy the ride.

    Ted Crum

    Tour Captain

  • 13 Jul 2015 9:15 PM | Anonymous member


    Welcome to the new BMW NorCal board members, elected at the June meeting at Finnon Lake (read more in the July newsletter): President Dan Rowe, Vice President Bill Lopez, Treasurer John Vashon, Secretary Cristine Cearing, Safety Tech Steve Kesinger, Tour Captain Ted Crum, Historian Ed Perry.

    The Club thanks outgoing President Z Ortiz, Secretary Joyce Sampson, Treasurer Russ Drake, and Safety Chair Buddy Scauzzo for their work and dedication.

  • 09 Jun 2015 9:26 PM | Anonymous member

    The 43 annual BMW NorCAl ‘49er Rally was held at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds on Memorial Day weekend of 2015. With the exception of the threat of thunder showers one day, the weather was clear with temperatures in the 70’s. Turnout was good with over 400 in attendance, to include 57 who had not previously attended a ‘49er Rally.

    Everyone ate quite well, with all the rally food being provided by Mariposa's local eateries, caterers and chefs. The Golden Grappler’s wrestling team supporters again sold bacon, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast; burgers for lunch and dinner. Sal’s Taco’s also provided lunch and dinner. New this year, provided by River Rock Inn, was a breakfast option for the vegetarians. Saturday evening was a catered BBQ dinner also provided by River Rock Inn. One participant of the BBQ dinner stated that it was a dinner that would never be forgotten.


    Again this year, the Mariposa Chamber of Commerce, provided a complimentary trolley that shuttled rally participants from the fairgrounds into town. Friday and Saturday evening live music was provided by Mariposa's own “The Soul Galaxy”,  and was so good that non-drinkers were visiting the Bier Garten just to enjoy the music.

    On Friday morning we offered a GS riding clinic that was so popular that we held a second clinic on Saturday. On Friday and Saturday evening, a retired CHP Motorcycle officer gave a well-attended presentation on motorcycle safety. Other seminars included GPS programing; photos, editing, and posting with smart phone; motorcycle luggage/packing; and a presentation on Yosemite celebrating the 125th anniversary of the park.

    New this year was a segment for ladies only; on Saturday morning was a GS riding clinic which was very well received by the large number of ladies who attended. There was a guided GS ride for ladies only. And Saturday evening,  a ladies happy hour at the Bier Garten, where the ladies got to meet each other while enjoying wine and hors-d'œuvre.

    Many enjoyed our rides, and tours. The Poker Run was very popular—more than one participant stated it was the best in years. The intermediate GS tour was also very popular. We had more spectators for the challenges this year than we have in several years. The fairgrounds provided shaded bleachers for the Asphalt trials. The English trials were held in front of the grand stands (where spectators could sit in comfort), the fairgrounds personnel had dug-up the track, per our direction, to provide the challenges.

    I was honored to have been selected as rally chairperson for this years ‘49er Rally. I wish to thank the Mariposa Fairgrounds, for providing a venue that suits our budget and the needs of the rally, and the staff that go above and beyond to provide the services.  Thank you to the people of Mariposa, who gladly welcome us to their town and celebrate the ‘49er Rally with us. Thanks to Rex Hosea, for recording the event in pictures. And a big thanks to all those who volunteered to work at the rally, (you know who you are) you made it happen.

    Andy Anderson, 2015 ‘49er Rally Chair


  • 08 Jun 2015 9:32 PM | Anonymous member

    Elections are this month and will be held on June 27th at Finnon Lake Campground above Placerville.  Mike Morlin is heading up the Elections Committee.  All positions are up for election each year.


    Vice President
    Tour Captain

    Send a message to Mike Morlin below if you would like to run or nominate someone.  Candidates must be formally nominated at the meeting.

  • 06 Jun 2015 9:33 PM | Anonymous member

    Were you at the Rally this year or thinking about going next year?  Sample the 2015 '49er Rally with photographer REX, who was on-site in Mariposa with his traveling photo van and camera.

    BMW NorCal Rally photos by REX: '49er 2015 Rally and of the women riders: '49er 2015 Ladies

  • 02 Apr 2015 9:34 PM | Anonymous member

    Update from Death Valley Membership Meeting

    Greetings Everyone,

    It was great to see club regulars and new guests at Death Valley.  A number of items came up during the Membership Meeting that I’d like to communicate to the club at large.


    June is rapidly approaching, and that means it is time to elect Officers for the next fiscal year.

    All Officers serve for one year.  You can nominate someone or yourself for a position.  

    An Election coordinator is sought to assist with nominations before the meeting and the voting process at the meeting.  Contact me if you would like to volunteer to be our coordinator.

    Our election meeting returns to Finnon Lake on June 27th.

    Newsletter and Newsletter Editor

    May is Warren’s last month as Newsletter Editor.  If you have an eye for layout and design, contact Warren to learn more about what he does for the club. We need someone to step into the role of editor starting June.

    If you have a project bike you’ve been working on, we’d love to feature it in the newsletter.  Additionally, if you’ve bought a new gadget, write a few lines about it for our newsletter.

    Bylaws updates

    NorCal is the in the process of updating our bylaws.  Verbiage updates were presented to the members during the Death Valley meeting.  See the proposed updates here:  Bylaws updates.


    We need everyone’s help publicizing the ‘49er.  I ask that everyone download the high resolution flyer, print three copies, and then post the flyers somewhere people ride.  As a bonus, we’re having a contest for best flyer posting.  Put up your flyer, take a picture with it, and post it to your favorite social media site with the hashtag #norcalbmw49er.  The best post gets a prize at the ‘49er.

    Volunteers are the lifeblood of any event.  Volunteer some of your time at the Rally this year.  Fill out the Volunteer form on our webpage.

    Triple Crown Anniversary Rally

    Ed Perry is putting together a special three peaks ride in June to hit  Mt Hamilton, Tamilpias, and Diablo all in one day.  Ed will have additional details as June approaches.

    Digital files

    If you have photos or videos from Death Valley, sent them to Ed Perry.


    Dan Rowe


  • 16 Mar 2015 9:35 PM | Anonymous member

    The March meeting is the (often annual) Death Valley campout, on Saturday the 28th at the Furnace Creek campground. We have overlapping reservations at two sites, covering Friday through Sunday nights. 

    On Friday and Saturday we have group site “003”, and on Saturday and Sunday we have group site “K2”. To stay all three nights you will have to change locations. There is no official tour, as riders have different schedules and road preferences; our Facebook or Meetup pages would be a good place to find a riding group. 

    If you don't pay National Park entry fees at the gate you will have to pay them at the campground. Aged 62 or better, you can get a lifetime parks pass at the visitor center near the campground.  The usual $10 member, $20 guest camping fee will be collected by NorCal. With a close by store, restaurant, and bar nearby, the event is not catered.   

    Please park only in designated areas, or along the side of the road near K2; do not park next to your tent.

  • 16 Mar 2015 9:35 PM | Anonymous member

    MOA is asking for volunteers for the National Rally in Billings Montana.

    If you are interested in volunteering at the Rally, visit the sign up page at http://moaregistrationvolunteer.eventbrite.com/

  • 01 Mar 2015 8:36 PM | Anonymous member


    Dear NORCAL BMW Members,
    The Board of Directors (BOD) for Election Year 2014-2015 are undertaking to revise the Bylaws in phases.  The first phase is designed to ensure that the descriptions of Club Officer duties accurately reflect the position.  To implement these revisions, the BOD used two guiding principles to revise the Club Officer Position descriptions:  

    1. Make the current officer descriptions reflect the reality of what each officer actually does, either by revising the position description itself, or by bringing back into each officer’s fold, the duties that the current bylaws indicate they should be doing.

    2. To make each office as turnkey as possible by providing adequate and accurate information as to what each board position entails, so that when new board members are elected, the bylaws description will be as accurate of a guide as possible.

    The BOD plans to continue reviewing the bylaws and consider other needed changes necessary to make the bylaws as accurate as possible regarding the club’s current actual practice and operation. 

    With the above in mind, please note that the following are verbatim excerpts from the current Bylaws that cover the duties of each club officer, and that all suggested changes to the position description changes are noted in red font.

    We ask all club members to consider these changes, for they will be submitted to the membership at the March 2015 Death Valley meeting for a vote.

    The following link contains the exact wording of the bylaws.

    Bylaw revisions

    Send any questions or comments to Joyce Here:


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